The Grand Garden

You will have the best view along the impressive lines of sight in the Grand Garden if you enter the Garden via its avenues »Hauptallee« or »Querallee«. Another 20 smaller entrances are distributed round about the Grand Garden and will lead you directly to the various park areas.

Sights and destinations (PDF; 740 KB)

The Palace with its lapidarium of sculptures

Today, the outside of the Grand Garden Palace, Saxony’s oldest baroque palace building, is restored in its old splendor again; innumerable reliefs and sculptures decorate its façade. On the inside, the ground floor accommodates original sculptures dating from the Saxon baroque, which can be seen during special exhibitions or guided tours. Concerts and theater performances are staged on the upper floor, which still bears the marks of the 1945 destruction.

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The Grand Garden of Dresden and the Dresden Park Railway

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Our tipp: On Thursdays, there is senior citizens’ days. Senior citizens aged 65 and above pay reduced rates only.

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