Dresden Park Railway

Through the park at full steam

There are quite a number of visitors of the Grand Garden that listen up in amazement when rail noise and a locomotive’s resolute whistle disrupt the idyllic tranquility and dense clouds of smoke rise through the canopy of foliage. The answer to the riddle is the Dresden Park Railway that takes thousands of young and old passengers on a round tour through the park during the summer months.

Grand Garden - small train

The almost 6-km-long track of the miniature railway with a track gauge of 381 mm covers a particularly charming area of the Grand Garden.

The 30-minute ride leads through the 147 hectares of the garden estate with its extensive meadows and forests, its sculptures and impressive Palace.

It is hardly possible to explore the witness of baroque and English landscaping in a more comfortable way.


The Grand Garden of Dresden and the Dresden Park Railway

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